September 3, 2009


I made cheese ravioli using a gnocchi base 😀

Not very conventional, I know.

They are the product of a few hours of mashing, kneading, shaping, wrapping and boiling.

A lot of work, but a lot more contentment.

The Hippo is tired.



September 1, 2009


It’s back to college after a week of campus shut-down due to the H1N1 outbreak.

All these concurrent holidays are making it hard for productivity to grow.

Wasn’t really in the mood for class today. I drew this in class instead.

Cause once in a while, I just just want to be a diva.

Demanding, grumpy and mean. It’s the weather I tell you.

The Hippo hope to survive the following weeks unscathed.


August 26, 2009


Had a major steamboat dinner last night with 15 other classmates of mine.

The food was okay (Lowmaji is way better in terms of taste and ambiance) but the awesome company turned it into quite a fun-filled gastronomical experience 🙂

On the way back, 7 of us packed into Joey’s car with 6 people (me included) in the backseat.

And still, in such an extreme situation, we managed to take out the camera and camwhored!

I’m in the mood to be creative. Hence, the above spoof.

By the way, Joey’s car is not a Mini Cooper. Just thought it’s appropriate to use it here.

The hippo is feverish.


August 24, 2009


I don’t know why, but  I’m currently very into oversized garments.

The way it hung loosely on my frame reminds me of the exquisite draping of John Galliano.

But here’s the dilemma: how to style an oversized item so that one does not drown in the excess fabric?

The above are my attempts at styling an oversized gray tee (from left to right):

– Pair it with knitted gray hoodie. Gray on gray creates a muted tone with emphasis on the texture of the knitted fabric.

– With striped-cardigan. Cardigan appears to be cropped as the tee is longer. Androgynous.

– Worn with checkered brown blazer. Blazer looks cropped and the brown color compliment the gray very well.

– Gray plaid waist-coat. Cropped waist-coat over loose tee, very Dior Homme.

– Just the gray tee with feathers-leather necklace. Simple, clean, hippie. A modern Woodstock garb.

What do you think?

The Hippo is taking over and is now in control.


August 21, 2009


What do you see?

A blinding thunder bolt across a scarlet sky.

A crack in a red wall?

The parting of the Red Sea? Moses?

I know how it may be red, but this picture is really about the color gray.

In fact, this Pollock-Warhol looking picture is of my first gray hair.

Taken after Dionne pluck it out of my head.


How cruel…

The Gazelle  is excited and scared.


August 18, 2009

Forgive me for not updating for the past two days. For once I can say that the delay was not my fault as my Internet had been quite hopeless lately and my browser seemed to be taking a slow cyber stroll these days.

I read somewhere about damaged submarine cable under the ocean being the cause of the bad connection. Another person told me it was the recent earthquake in China. Can anyone clarify? For now, everything is fixed and running smoothly thanks to Elaine 🙂

So, in order to  catch up on lost time, this post will contain three pictures from today and the days before.


On Sunday night, me, Steph, Lei, Akil and Naki (please excuse any misspelled names) went all the way to KLIA to send Sulin off on her flight to the United States.

Due to some timing error, Naki was forced to drive scarily fast as Sulin was soon to be checking into the departure room at her terminal. We managed to catch her minutes before she descend down the escalator to the departure hall.

Sulin is now in US and I wish her great good luck!


Upon returning from the airport farewell, I fell ill and got slightly feverish.


Maybe…unlikely…perhaps…I don’t really know.

Had been resting and self-medicating the whole of yesterday and am feeling fine now. I bet it has got something to do with my throbbing wisdom teeth.

That’s another problem in dire need of a solution :S


Hung out with Kel Zoe today after class. We had Japanese food for dinner, it was sumptuous and not to mention expensive. But then again, it was a much needed splurge.

Met up with Dionne, Ah Wong and Evonne after that and had dessert at HoneyMoon. The Aloe-vera tofu-fa was not bad but perhaps a little too healthy and bland to be considered as dessert.

Dessert = rich, creamy, uberly sweet and guilt-inducing

Don’t you think so?

The Gazelle realized how bad his written Mandarin has become.


August 15, 2009


I went about KL with Kenneth today.

We attended the Seksualiti Merdeka 2009 (a campaign on sexuality rights) launch at the Annexe Gallery. It was a simple and cheery ceremony, Marina Mahathir’s speech was divine. Went around Central Market after that.

Then, we headed for Plaza Warisan  to get some plain t-shirts but the t-shirts collection there was pathetically large, yellowing and stained. Managed to procure a few unique pieces though 🙂

After that was Petaling Street. The bustling hub of counterfeit products. Here, I got to observe and experience how life really is like in this ever progressive metropolitan – KL.

I’ve been here almost two years now.

Slowly, I got used to its horrible excuse of a public transport system; I learned to fear and fend myself off petty peddlers and crooks; pinching my nose shut when traversing its rank-smelling streets, etc…

Kedah is home. But KL has adopted me.

The Gazelle discovered durian puffs today.


August 14, 2009


Stayed at home all day today. So I thought I might as well be a bit more experimental and adventurous in the kitchen.

Years ago, during a trip to Cameron Highland, I got the opportunity to taste the delicious Daylily buds that were freshly plucked from the hills.

Having forgotten how they taste like and having found some while grocery shopping yesterday, I decided to let them reunite with my taste-buds for a second time.

Daylily buds are basically the flower buds of the lily flower. I stir-fried mine with garlic and chillies 🙂

Surprisingly they tasted very much like mushy asparagus! Not bad at all.

The Gazelle is lazy.


August 13, 2009


I had trouble figuring out what to wear to college this morning.

Brown shirt with brown shorts seemed a little too DTM (dyed to match).

Stripes cardigan over white t-shirt had prove to be very unforgiving in light of the Malaysian weather – HOT.

In the end, I wore my comfy vermillion t-shirt with the brown shorts instead.

But, I still find it too simple and rummaged around for some accessories to go with it. Then it hit me! What better accessories can be worn in this H1N1 infested season? Surgical mask of course!

This is the only time masks are ever gonna be in trend other than maybe in 2050 when the air is badly polluted and masks are as common as socks. So why not capitalize on that, right?

Go get yourself a mask 😉

The Gazelle let the Hippo took over today.


August 12, 2009


I had another round of Badminton with Steph, Akil, Justin, Edmund, Boon and Sudhan today. And I actually won a few set of games! 😀

“Never underestimate the graceful ones,” said Edmund.

This picture was taken from the upstairs window of 3K (where the badminton courts are). Can you see the lower half of a cat poking out off the wall?

She has a litter of no less than three kittens with her in the cooling crevice on the balcony.

This made me think of life and survival and how difficult it must be for the cat to raise her litter in such a place.

There’s another cat in campus, white with ginger patches. It’s injured and the wound got infected.

“It will not live long,” said Pooi Yee.

So saddening.

The Gazelle wants a hug.